Any Business with a screen can put it to good use if done right. Usually, big and medium businesses are clear about the benefits of Digital Signage and they know how to extract good value from it. It’s the small businesses and single-store owners that need maximum help in getting the best out of the screens.

Some of the common misconceptions small businesses have for not going ahead with a Digital Signage Software:

Isn’t a Pendrive good enough? I am happy with it as I don’t need to spend a lot.

  • Unlike Pendrives, Signage Software can provide smooth transitions between media.
  • Pendrives will be limited to images and videos that too not all video formats may be supported.
  • Content can be updated anytime and from any place within a few minutes. No physical presence is needed like in the case of pendrive. Content order, the duration for each content and the schedules can be planned ahead and set accordingly with software.
  • With a Signage Software, screens will be in full control mode and cannot be used for any purpose.
  • Displays can be divided into multiple aspect ratios and show a variety of content like a ticker at the bottom.
  • And lots of dynamic apps provided by the software keep the content on screen fresh always.

Once you experience the benefits of good signage software, you’ll never go back to pendrives. The benefits far outweigh the cost savings.

Why should I pay for the software every year? Cloud-based signage software is charged on a subscription basis. On-premise software doesn’t make sense as one cannot expect small businesses to have a server in place. Also, the variety of dynamic apps from CMS providers will ensure that the screen is put to use with little or no effort. With Instagram app, once you associate Instagram account, anything you post on Instagram is directly reflected on the display. Canva app integrated into CMS is a blessing as design becomes super easy and enjoyable. Good designs can be created and pushed onto the displays directly. Also, any re-edits of an image already on the screen will be updated immediately once the changes are done in Canva. Other apps like News App, Ticker App will make life easier for small businesses.

I just have a single store with one or two screens. Why would I need centralised control of the displays? It doesn’t matter if you have one, two or 100 screens. One can still make the best of the screens with apps and other features like content expiry, content creation and device control. Take the example of Stand-alone Bars & Restaurant Owners who use Live TV app which gives them the ability to show Live TV as well as do in-store promotions. Even if it’s just one or two screens in a bar but still there is no possible way to show Live TV and promotions without software in place.

I have a normal consumer TV. Can I run it as signage? Yes. Even though your screen warranty may be void, it is still alright to use your existing TV and re-purpose it as signage as long as its usage period is upto 12 hours. If it’s an Android TV, you are all set to go.

Do I need to purchase Additional Hardware to manage my TV with software? If you have an Android display or webOS display. You could directly download the Zeetaminds Signage Player app from Playstore or other means. If the TV is not smart, just buy a 40 USD Firestick and install Zeetaminds player app. It will work perfectly without hurting your pocket.

Isn’t it a pain to design good content? Zeetaminds is integrated with Canva. This enables anyone to design almost anything. Canva has millions of awesome free templates available for use which can be easily edited and pushed to screens through Zeetaminds. It just takes 60 seconds or less to search, edit and publish a good design to screens.

Let’s check how some small business owners are making the best use of Zeetaminds Digital Signage Software:

Fitness Studio: They create images using Design Editor to keep their customers motivated to work out, and run product promotions with the expiry date feature and the content will go off the screens automatically on the day of expiry.

Bars: Live TV with promotions is widely used in bars and Restaurants. You are neither compromising on entertaining your customers nor on making them aware of your promotion. It’s a win-win deal.

Fashion Store: Instagram app is run along with the latest product portfolio images and promotions.

Clinics: Vaccine information and Health care tips designed with an inbuilt editor can be published on screens. This content on screens keeps the patients engaged while waiting for their turn to see the doctor.

Coffee Shops and QSR (Quick Service Restaurants): Menu Boards with schedules as per the time of the day are set. The breakfast menu is totally different from the lunch or dinner menu. So, you cannot have an irrelevant menu showing at a different time. Playlist schedules will be of good use here.

No matter the size of your business or the number of displays you have, Digital Signage Software can still generate decent value for the money you shell out. In order to validate do try Zeetaminds Digital Signage Software for free for 14 days.