Navigating through the myriad of choices among 600+ Digital Signage CMS providers can be overwhelming, especially for AV System Integrators and Digital Signage Resellers. There is no one size fits all product out there. While superficially similar, no two Digital Signage CMS products are the same.To simplify the process of identifying the best suited digital signage software, it’s crucial to consider the following 10 key points when selecting a new Digital Signage CMS partner. 

Partner Portal Accessibility: As first-level support often falls under the purview of resellers and AV system integrators, access to a comprehensive partner portal is indispensable. Resellers often handle first-level support, making access to a partner portal essential. This centralized platform enables effortless monitoring of customer accounts and facilitates tasks such as creating new trial accounts or reactivating expired ones swiftly. With a partner portal, resellers can expedite end-user support without constant reliance on the CMS provider.

White-labeling Option: White-labeling is ideal for System Integrators with a good reputation and decent customer base. White-labeling allows customization of the CMS solution to align with partners’ branding, enabling resellers to set their own pricing and maintain direct communication with end-users, minimizing any interference from the Digital Signage CMS provider. To know more about white-labeling refer:

Comprehensive Features: Apart from fundamental CMS features, check if the CMS has advanced and industry specific features or not. Zeetaminds offers advanced functionalities such as calendar-based scheduling, playlist overlap, dynamic apps (Power BI, Time, Weather, Instagram, Live TV, etc.), display control features( like power schedule, reboot and volume control), multi-user capabilities, audit logs, open APIs, event logs, Proof of Play reports, tags, conditional expressions, and media lifespan management. Do request a free demo of  the Zeetaminds Digital Signage Software at

Uncompromising Security: Security is paramount in today’s digital ecosystem, and Zeetaminds prioritizes it unequivocally. Holding SOC2 Type 2 certification and undergoing rigorous vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, our CMS provides a secure foundation for digital signage networks, safeguarding against potential threats. Security and the certifications are not only mandatory for big enterprise deals but SMEs are not willing to compromise security for price.

Continuous Product Development: SaaS products get obsolete in no time if it fails to adapt to evolving market demands, address issues, and enhance user experience. Resellers should check the version number of the software with the release date and that gives some idea on how frequently the product gets updated. Also, request the CMS provider to share the product feature pipeline to understand if the development is continuous and ongoing or not. Since our inception, product development at Zeetaminds has been ongoing. We consistently refine our software, proactively resolve issues, prioritize features based on customer value, and ensure a seamless UI/UX.

Intuitive UI/UX: A great UI,UX makes selling the CMS a lot easier and AV integrators should prioritize that as it directly impacts revenues. Recognising the significance of user-friendly interfaces, we’ve prioritized UI/UX enhancements based on customer feedback over the past five years. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable user experience. UI/UX is one of the top 3 reasons why our customers love us. The other two reasons are Customer Support and Price. At Zeetaminds, we’ve been committed to delivering outstanding support from the inception of our company. This dedication has earned us love and appreciation from customers, AV System integrators and resellers worldwide.

Streamlined Workflows: Time efficiency is paramount in managing a large display network. Always verify if the digital signage software has efficient workflows to manage displays at scale. Not just 10s of screens but evaluate how easy it is to manage 100s if not 1000s of displays. Zeetaminds Digital Signage CMS offers efficient workflows that empower users to accomplish tasks swiftly, whether it’s adding multiple media files to multiple playlists, rebooting displays in bulk, or updating content across multiple screens.

Pricing and Value Proposition: While pricing is a key consideration, Zeetaminds emphasizes the overall value proposition. Resellers benefit from competitive pricing without compromising on features or support, ensuring a favourable ROI. Additionally, our CMS is ranked number 1 in value for money rating by Gartner, underscoring its cost-effectiveness. Resellers should evaluate if they are receiving a significant discount over the retail price to maintain enough margin. At Zeetaminds, we consider Resellers and AV System Integrators as key business partners by offering them anywhere between 40% to 50% commission, which is one of the highest in the digital signage industry. Our business is built on partnerships with resellers and without them we would not be where we are today.

Experience and Reputation: Partnering with an experienced Digital Signage Software company with a proven track record is essential for stability and reliability. Evaluating the provider’s tenure in the industry, customer base, and reviews on multiple platforms helps gauge their credibility and product quality. A company with 5+ years of experience and a diverse client portfolio signifies a stable product with minimal bugs and reliable performance. Building a stable digital signage software is a gradual journey that demands time and a skilled team. Our core team, intact since the inception of our product nine years ago, has played a pivotal role in crafting a robust solution. With clients spanning across 40+ countries and diverse industries, operating on various platforms (Windows, LG webOS, Android), we’ve ensured the stability of our product. This stability, combined with a responsive support team, has earned us a stellar 5-star rating in Customer Service, backed by reviews from over 150+ satisfied customers. Resellers’ business need to be protected in all cases. Zeetaminds  provides a case lock facility and doesn’t deal with partners’ customers directly. This ensures AV system integrators’ business is protected.

Hardware Agnostic: Compatibility with a diverse range of hardware is imperative for seamless integration. Resellers should verify whether the CMS provider’s player app is hardware-agnostic and supports various operating systems such as Windows, Android, webOS, and SOC displays. Even if not entirely hardware-agnostic, compatibility with widely used systems like Android, Windows, and Linux is advisable for versatility.

In conclusion, Zeetaminds emerges as the frontrunner, offering a comprehensive solution characterized by stability, customer service, continuous development, user-friendly design, efficiency, industry-specific solutions, advanced features, and top-tier security. Our global reputation as a leader in digital signage underscores our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.