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Case Study: Dynamic MenuBoards for TenderCuts QSR chain

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Digital Signage in QSR chains is ubiquitous, and we rarely see static menu boards. Digital Menu boards are not only employed to showcase menu items and their pricing but also to upsell products.

7 key things Digital Signage Resellers should watch out for while selecting a CMS partner

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There are 500+ Digital Signage CMS providers in all shapes and sizes. This makes the job of AV System Integrators and Digital Signage Resellers quite difficult when trying to choose a digital signage software partner.

Is Mobile-Friendly Digital Signage Software the need of the hour?

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One cannot think of a B2C app without considering mobile users but the same is not true for B2B apps. Off late, more and more B2B software providers have started embracing mobile, especially businesses targeting SMEs.

Top 10 Digital Signage CMS Workflows for Speedy Display management

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Not every digital signage software has the necessary workflows to manage a bigger network (300+) of displays. This is where Zeetaminds shines the best!

How to Set up Digital Signage for Your Franchise

Promoting a franchise is a challenge in itself. Making use of the right techniques at the right time is the key here. Digital signage serves to be an excellent platform for driving sales. Here is how you can set up digital signage for your franchise.

Changing your Digital Signage Software? Try Zeetaminds, you’ll not regret!

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If you arrived at a point where you are considering changing your signage software, you should definitely try Zeetaminds Digital Signage Software.

Canva ‘Button’ is amazing for Digital Signage

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Canva Button enables users to create amazing designs without leaving the CMS. The button integration makes creating and publishing designs seamless and fast.

Can Small Businesses make use of Digital Signage Software?

Usually, big and medium businesses are clear about the benefits of Digital Signage and they know how to extract good value from it. It’s the small businesses and single-store owners that need help in getting the best out of the screens.

All about White-Label Digital Signage Software

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This blog provides all the information on Digital Signage white-labeling and will help you decide if white-labeling is the right direction for your company.

How to select the right Digital Signage Software for DOOH?

DOOH businesses are literally non-existent without Digital Signage. Hence, it becomes even more important to select the right software to manage the displays; for it could make the difference between success or failure of a DOOH business.

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