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Category Digital Signage Case Studies

Case Study: Dynamic MenuBoards for TenderCuts QSR chain

Digital Signage in QSR chains is ubiquitous, and we rarely see static menu boards. Digital Menu boards are not only employed to showcase menu items and their pricing but also to upsell products.

Corporate Communication: Is Digital Signage the way ahead?

A lot of Corporates started embracing Digital Signage as a part of their communication strategy. Exploring how corporates are using Zeetaminds Digital Signage Platform.

Case Study (Grandis Media): Digital Signage Platform for DOOH

Choosing the right Digital Signage Platform is quintessential for DOOH businesses. Know why Grandis Media shifted to Zeetaminds to manage their signages.

Case Study (GroupM): Digital Signage Software for Corporates

Want to know why GroupM; the world’s largest advertising media company chose Zeetaminds as their Digital Signage Software?

Case Study (health & glow): Digital Signage Software for Retail

Case Study on Health & Glow: How a cosmetic retail brand was able to utilise digital signage in their branding process!