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Month June 2018

Preview In Digital Signage

You truly see what you would see in an actual display once published. One of the principal reasons digital signage network operators maintain a test screen at their office is to visualize the output on the test display before broadcasting… Continue Reading

Essential elements of a Digital Signage System

The Key Elements of Digital Signage System are: Display, Media Player
and Digital Signage Software (Content Management System)

Feature Highlight: Proof Of Play Reports

Having proof of what has been delivered is always a professional way of measuring business results. Advertisers or anyone utilising Digital Signage need POP reports as they need to understand the number of times their Ad has been played.

Feature Highlight: Layouts in Digital Signage

Layouts enable the user to divide the screen into multiple parts with each part having a separate series of media files. This is promising for several business cases. One part of the layouts could run informative videos, the second part can run Promotions or showcase weather and the third part can have RSS feeds.