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Free Digital Signage Software! Is it really free?

The age-old marketing tactic of free is never completely free. Surprisingly, this tactic works even now after decades of overusing it. For most of the free apps or products in the market, you essentially end up paying either with your time or data or money and sometimes you don’t even realize it.

Should you Buy Digital Signage Software from Hardware Manufacturers?

Purchasing Digital Signage Software from hardware manufacturers is not always the best. Let’s explore some limitations and why we need to choose a hardware agnostic software.

10 Mistakes to avoid while setting up a Digital Signage Network

Setting up a signage network might sound easy but the range of hardware and the ever ending list of software providers can be too much to digest for a first-time researcher. This blog will help you avoid common mistakes.

Feature Highlight: Layouts in Digital Signage

Layouts enable the user to divide the screen into multiple parts with each part having a separate series of media files. This is promising for several business cases. One part of the layouts could run informative videos, the second part can run Promotions or showcase weather and the third part can have RSS feeds.