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Features you’ll love

Remote Display Management

Centralized control of information. Manage any number screens from anywhere, anytime.

Software as a Service

Cloud based solution. Pay as you use model. Automatic software upgrades.

Social Feeds

Publicize customer appreciation. Integrate live feeds from Facebook and Twitter.

Powerful Scheduler

Dynamically control your media playlists. Schedule it hourly, daily, weekly & monthly.

Rich Media Support

Image, Docs, Powerpoint, PDF, Video and HTML 5. All media formats are supported.

Multi Zone Layouts

Multi-zone, multi-layer and multi-display content is played smoothly.

Proof Of Play

Extract reports for every media file showcased on the display.


Select among the various types of transitions available for stunning the audience.


Hashtag Integration

Play user generated content on the displays using hashtags from Instagram and Twitter.

Platforms Supported

Zeetaminds Digital Signage Software runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Android, Linux and LG webOS. All platforms sharing the same features with interchangeability.

Readily Available Hardware

If you have an android display or an LG web OS display, no additional hardware is required. Otherwise, an android or a windows media box turns your display into an engaging digital signage solution. Compatible media players can be purchased from online.

Our team will help you select and purchase the apt hardware according to your signage project, without compromising either on the quality or the budget.

Media players for digital signage system

Digital Media Player Partners

Zeetaminds Reseller Program

Digital signage reseller program

Reseller Benefits

  • Top in the Industry compensation of 30% on the sales.
  • Life long compensation for as long as the customer keeps renewing the licence.
  • Wholesome support right from the stage of lead to project pitching to project implementation
  • Marketing materials, advanced training and on-going support in selecting the right hardware for each project

We offer both on-premise and on-cloud software. Customised features requests will be taken up on priority.

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