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Why LG webOS signage monitor is one among the best for a digital signage deployment?

LG’s webOS operating system for digital signage has come a long way since its debut in 2014. With each new release the operating system has become stable and comprehensive in addressing the requirements of signage industry.

Digital Signage Software for Fire TV Stick

The question I often get asked is if Amazon Fire Stick can power Digital Signage Networks and if it is reliable enough. Based on the feedback from our customers and our rigorous testing of Zeetaminds Digital Signage Software on Fire Stick, the performance of Amazon Fire Stick is super impressive.

Should you Buy Digital Signage Software from Hardware Manufacturers?

Purchasing Digital Signage Software from hardware manufacturers is not always the best. Let’s explore some limitations and why we need to choose a hardware agnostic software.

System On Chip (SOC) Vs Media Boxes

Choosing between SOC Displays or Media Box plus Display combo is always a difficult task for many. The pointers here will help you decide on the right hardware for your requirement.

Essential elements of a Digital Signage System

The Key Elements of Digital Signage System are: Display, Media Player
and Digital Signage Software (Content Management System)