AV companies and Integrators deal with a lot of products and digital signage is just a small part of their overall business. However, with Digital Signage growing at a CAGR of 7.3% and the need to increase their margins, vendors are keen on adding their own flavour to Digital Signage and that’s where White-Labeling comes in.

What is a White Labeled Solution?

White-Labelling is essentially having a product on your brand name without actually building it from scratch. Have you ever wondered why there are so many different brands of electronic accessories? It’s possible that most of these accessories are manufactured in a factory in China and only the packaging and the branding change. To the end customer, it appears as if you created the product. The same is applicable to Digital Signage Software.

Why can’t I build my own Signage Software?

Most AV Integrators and resellers would have had the thought of having digital signage software on their brand name let alone develop one from scratch. I have seen a few AV vendors who went into that cycle of developing the software to unable to maintain active development and thereby making the signage software obsolete in no time. It is not easy to build robust yet scalable Digital Signage Software. It takes a decent amount of time and money to reach a stable product. Also, as the market is too competitive you’ll mostly be behind the curve unless you are coming up with an innovation that no one can match.

If sales are your forte rather than developing a signage software on your own, blindly go ahead with a white-labelled Digital Signage Software.

What do I get from White-labeling?

You get your own CMS under your web URL, your brand name and brand logo. There will not be a trace of the actual software provider anywhere in the CMS.

White-labeling is awesome in many ways because:

  • It’s Your Brand, Your logo and your rules
  • Freedom to price the software which you deem fit for your market
  • Your customers or prospects would never be able to bypass you to get to the actual creator
  • You can create a brand for your product in your market
  • Your business name will be on top of mind with your customers
  • You can focus on your core business competency
  • Margins are usually higher than just being a reseller
  • White-Labelling is a lot more practical and cheaper than building your own Digital Signage Software from scratch

White-labeling is not for everyone because:

  • You need to be a well-known name in your region otherwise be open to do your own marketing with the white-labelled product
  • Marketing collateral of the original brand cannot be used mostly
  • You cannot capitalise on the brand name of the original provider and its reviews
  • Some providers charge a premium for white-labelled software.
  • You have no control over the development cycle of the product although Zeetaminds might be more open in this regard

To conclude, go ahead with white-labelled software if you are well known AV company in your area, can get decent leads on your own and people trust you well. However, selecting the right software for white-labelling is very important as it is more of a long-term partnership and the stickiness factor is high. Choose to be a reseller partner if you want the flexibility of having multiple digital signage software providers in your portfolio or would like to capitalize on the brand and the marketing abilities of the original software provider.

Main points to consider for choosing the right white-label Partner

Stability of the Software: Validate and test if the software can efficiently manage 1000’s of displays and yet remain rock solid at the same time.

Multi-Platforms Support: Digital Signage software which supports multiple platforms like Windows, Android, LG webOS etc will give you an edge over others as the range of supported hardware is wider.

Active Development Cycle: Know about the next list of features the signage provider is working on and their development cycle. This ensures the software will stay relevant in the long run.

Digital Signage Experience: A good amount of experience is essential for digital signage software to be shortlisted for white-labelling. Experience counts as several iterations and improvements would have happened over time. In some cases, Reviews on the Software listings websites indicate how long the company has been in business and how the product improved over time.

Zeetaminds offers a white-labelled Digital Signage software at a nominal one-time fee of 2000 USD unlike many in the industry who charge a recurring fee. Do try Zeetaminds Digital Signage software for free to identify if we would be the right fit for your white-labeled Signage software.