Choosing the right Digital Signage Platform is quintessential for any company managing a network of displays more so for a Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) business.

Grandis Media, a Digital Marketing Agency operates Digital Signages in Orion Mall, Forum, Mantri, Viviana and Oberoi malls. They have been serving the advertising needs of top brands like Citi Bank, Netflix, Amazon, Ola and more. The DOOH network of Displays were placed at every strategic location inside the mall including entrances, at each floor escalator end points, at food courts and close to the entertainment hubs. This ensured that every person who walks into the mall would notice the displays several times. No one would miss a Grandis display despite the travel path one takes. This aspect along with the huge foot falls in the malls, attracted big brands to advertise on the mall DOOH displays.

  • Client: Grandis Media
  • Locations: 150 + Displays in major malls in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore
  • Hardware: 55 inch Vertical Displays in a 6 Feet * 3 Feet Standee
  • MediaBox:  Android & Intel Windows Boxes
  • Software: Zeetaminds Digital Signage Platform

Shifting From Old Software to Zeetaminds: Grandis Media had been using a different Digital Signage Platform when we they first met Zeetaminds team. The old solution was not only expensive but also had stability issues. Also when Grandis Media intended to add Android displays, the old vendor provided no support for Android displays. This prompted Grandis to consider a new Digital Signage provider. As Zeetaminds is hardware agnostic, cost-effective and open for new feature requests, Grandis Media chose Zeetaminds. Installation was done by Zeetaminds and post one month trial, Grandis Media completely replaced their old software with Zeetaminds Digital Signage Platform.

Special Feature Requests: Power Scheduler and Audience Analytics.

Power Scheduler: Power Scheduler feature provides an automatic way to switch-on and switch-off the display without being present at the location. Zeetaminds provides this feature. However, it is works only on specific hardware like LGwebOS Display and Amkette Android Boxes. The hardware the client had was not programmable. So, technically it was extremely difficult to address it through the CMS. We suggested a novel method of using a timer switch which barely cost 4 USD for each display. Zeetaminds sourced the timer switches, that can be set with a pre-defined weekly schedule according to the timings of the malls and this would cut off the power supply to the display at end of the schedule and re-supply again according to the schedule. This resulted in optimal power usage and ensured a longer display life.

Audience Analytics: The brands that advertised on the DOOH screens wanted to know the approximate number of views they were receiving and the demographics of the audience. To address this, we added a Logitech webcam on top of the some of the standees in the malls, along with integrating an audience measurement tool called seemetrix into the hardware. The end results were collected after a month. The views along with the demographic details and the emotions of the audience were used as ball park numbers for other displays.

Implementation Images:

After the successful installation of the entire signage system, the display network in all the major malls in Bangalore and Mumbai has been running successfully from the last 20 months.