Ads don’t get views unless it is genuinely useful to the viewer or is ultra-creative, which is seldom the case. Hence, the need to push Ads through some form of entertainment or useful information is critical. The same applies to DOOH Players. Purely Ad focused DOOH without adding some value to the reader rarely get enough eyeballs for their campaign.

A simple rule of thumb to DOOH Players  “Give something useful to the viewer and he/she will give what you like (eyeballs)”

Methods to Parcel the Advertising content effectively are:

Information + Ads: Useful information will keep the viewer engaged and activates his/her brain during which an Ad if pushed will make a mark on the brain. This is one of the best ways to attract quality views on an Ad. DOOH networks focusing on Hospitals or Clinics usually share health tips and information related to the clinics, thereby educating the viewers as well as making them capture the Ads shown in between. Showing high-quality useful information on the Signages leads to a better performance of an Ad campaign.

Satellite TV + Ads: Showing live sports matches along with Ads is a great way to attract viewers.  They pay attention to the match and pushing Ads along with the match will be noticed. However, it is important to never interrupt a flowing live match with an Ad, rather the Ad has to be along with the match itself, shown on the sides. This combination of Live TV and Ads is predominant in Resto bars, Salons, and Restaurants where visitors spend significant time. To achieve this, one needs to choose a Digital Signage Software with Live TV feature. Also, a specialized hardware with HDMI IN needs to be selected if not a compatible SOC Display.

Entertainment + Ads: Depending on the target audience, any form of short entertainment videos can be shown along with Ads. Funny videos, cartoons and other entertainment content that doesn’t rely too much on sound needs to be looped in. Ads can be pushed in between the entertainment videos This way viewers don’t completely avoid signages but do pay attention to them for a decent time period. Engaging elements with social media like hashtags to show user-generated content or providing coupons upon some action from users will always capture attention. Waiting areas during transit is ideal for this combination as the disposable time of the viewer is higher.

Focus on engaging the user in some way and the results will follow!