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Fresh Digital Signage Content for Corporates

Digital Signage installations are not cheap. It is essential to invest in Displays, media boxes if necessary, software to manage the displays and also pay for the installation. ROI is a concern that keeps coming so often and it all boils down to the right content in majority of the cases.

Digital Signage Software for Fire TV Stick

The question I often get asked is if Amazon Fire Stick can power Digital Signage Networks and if it is reliable enough. Based on the feedback from our customers and our rigorous testing of Zeetaminds Digital Signage Software on Fire Stick, the performance of Amazon Fire Stick is super impressive.

All about White-Label Digital Signage Software

Sticky Post

This blog provides all the information on Digital Signage white-labeling and will help you decide if white-labeling is the right direction for your company.

How to select the right Digital Signage Software for DOOH?

DOOH businesses are literally non-existent without Digital Signage. Hence, it becomes even more important to select the right software to manage the displays; for it could make the difference between success or failure of a DOOH business.

Should you Buy Digital Signage Software from Hardware Manufacturers?

Purchasing Digital Signage Software from hardware manufacturers is not always the best. Let’s explore some limitations and why we need to choose a hardware agnostic software.

Corporate Communication: Is Digital Signage the way ahead?

A lot of Corporates started embracing Digital Signage as a part of their communication strategy. Exploring how corporates are using Zeetaminds Digital Signage Platform.

System On Chip (SOC) Vs Media Boxes

Choosing between SOC Displays or Media Box plus Display combo is always a difficult task for many. The pointers here will help you decide on the right hardware for your requirement.

10 Mistakes to avoid while setting up a Digital Signage Network

Setting up a signage network might sound easy but the range of hardware and the ever ending list of software providers can be too much to digest for a first-time researcher. This blog will help you avoid common mistakes.

Case Study (Grandis Media): Digital Signage Platform for DOOH

Choosing the right Digital Signage Platform is quintessential for DOOH businesses. Know why Grandis Media shifted to Zeetaminds to manage their signages.

TICKER For Digital Sigange

Not the usual boring Ticker! Even a logo could be added to each ticker. Many a times there is a need to showcase a minor alert or an important information continuously. That’s when a “Ticker” comes into play!

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