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How to select the right Digital Signage Software for DOOH?

DOOH businesses are literally non-existent without Digital Signage. Hence, it becomes even more important to select the right software to manage the displays; for it could make the difference between success or failure of a DOOH business.

Should you Buy Digital Signage Software from Hardware Manufacturers?

Purchasing Digital Signage Software from hardware manufacturers is not always the best. Let’s explore some limitations and why we need to choose a hardware agnostic software.

Snapshot & Reboot Features in Digital Signage

Snapshot and Reboot features in Digital Signage helps users to identify and rectify some of the minor hardware issues.

TICKER For Digital Sigange

Not the usual boring Ticker! Even a logo could be added to each ticker. Many a times there is a need to showcase a minor alert or an important information continuously. That’s when a “Ticker” comes into play!

Case Study (GroupM): Digital Signage Software for Corporates

Want to know why GroupM; the world’s largest advertising media company chose Zeetaminds as their Digital Signage Software?

ZCreator: Content Editor For Digital Signage

An easy and effective content Creation tool for Digital Signage.
Create a basic template in minutes and broadcast to displays.

Self-Serve Advertising in DOOH

Most DOOH companies currently operate screens using a cloud-based CMS. The CMS operator is usually responsible for uploading the Ads and broadcasting them to the displays according to the slot booking info provided by the sales team.

Live TV + Signage Feature

Places like restaurants, lounge bars, hotels etc show satellite content on the displays. Playing Live football or cricket matches or any entertainment content keeps the customers hooked to the display.

Need more Eyeballs for your DOOH Network?

Ads don’t get views unless it is genuinely useful to the viewer or is ultra-creative, which is seldom the case. Hence, the need to push Ads through some form of entertainment or useful information is critical. The same applies to DOOH Players.

What attracts Resellers the most in Digital Signage Software industry?

Every successful enterprise values customers and strives for excellence in Customer Satisfaction. For Digital Signage Companies (Hardware or Software), equally important are Resellers. Digital Signage Resellers are the key stakeholders responsible for the brand’s growth albeit the less rewarded ones.

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