How to Install Zeetaminds Digital Signage App in Sony Pro Android Display?

1.Install App

You can install our signage player app on Sony Pro displays using two methods: through the Google Play Store or by using Kiosk Mode.

Google PlayStore

Open the Play Store on your device and look for the 'zeetaminds' app. Once you find it, tap the 'Install' button to get the app. Make sure you have a Google account to install it through the Play Store. Please note that the 'Power schedule' and 'hard reboot' features won't be accessible if you install the app from the Play Store.

Kiosk Mode

Our installer app will be set up as the device owner app, ensuring the signage player app runs exclusively in kiosk mode. To achieve this, please follow the steps below to install and set up the installer app as the primary app on the device.

Note: To establish a device owner, the device should be in its initial, unconfigured state without user accounts. We recommend performing a factory reset before starting the installation.


  • Install ADB tools on Windows
    • Download Android platform tools for Windows from this URL
    • Extract the zip under C:\adb folder
    • Go to the folder in Explorer
    • Right-click on the folder and select "open command window."
    • Now, you can run adb command in the command shell.
  • Install ADB tools on Linux
    • Download Android platform tools for Linux from this URL
    • Extract the zip file
    • Open a Terminal window and go to the folder where tools are installed
    • Now, you can run the adb command by ./adb

Kiosk Mode Installation

2. Launch App

The signage app will be launched by default when the device is restarted. You will be presented with a security key, as shown below. This security key is needed to add a display in the CMS.

3. Login

Log in to Zeetaminds CMS using the credentials provided.

4. Setup

Refer the Getting Started Guide for adding displays , associating displays with channels and adding playlists to channels.