How to Install Zeetaminds Signage App in LG WebOS(3.0 and 3.2) Display?

1. Install App

Follow the below steps to install the app. Any LG Singage Display with WebOS version 3.0 or higher version is supported.

  • Power on your LG webOS display
  • Select Quick Start
  • Select the language in which to proceed
  • Select the continent in which your display will be used
  • Select the country in which your display will be used
  • Select the timezone in which the display will be used
  • Select ‘OK’
  • LG WebOS 3.0
    • On remote, press and hold settings button until a chat icon appears in the top right corner.
    • Enter 8080 and click ok button
  • LG WebOS 3.2
    • Press ‘Settings’ on your remote control
    • Select EZ Settings
    • Select SI Server Settings
  • The LG server setting will be presented as shown below.

    Application Launch Mode: Local

    Fully Qualified Domain Name: ON


    Application Type: IPK

  • Next to the Local Application Upgrade label, select REMOTE and hit OK on the remote control.
  • Restart your device once the complete message shows up.

2. Launch App

The app will be launched by default when the LG Signage Display is switched on.

When you launch the app, you will be presented with security key as shown below. This security key is needed to add a display in the CMS.

3. Login

Log in to Zeetaminds CMS using the credentials provided.

4. Setup

Refer the Getting Started Guide for adding displays , associating displays with channels and adding playlists to channels.